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Apr 18, 2012 · Also known as the IS tank, this WWII heavy tank was named after Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union.   Designed with thick armor in order to successfully counter the 88 mm guns on the German tanks, the main gun carried by the Iosif Stalin tank was successful in defeating both the WWII German Tiger and Panther Tank.

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Stalin, however, had other plans for these tanks, paraded proudly on the 7th of September 1945 during a military parade in Berlin. They all belonged to the 71st Guards Heavy Tank Regiment of the 2nd Guards Tank Army. They also paraded first in the Soviet Union on November 7, …

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The IS-3″ Joseph Stalintank, which appeared just too late for operations on the Eastern Front, was the latest iteration of a successful family of heavy ‘breakthrough’ tanks

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When World War II ended in 1945 few doubted that the victor’s laurels belonged mainly to Joseph Stalin. Under his leadership the Soviet Union had just won the war of the century, and that victory was closely identified with his role as the country’s supreme commander.

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Jun 27, 2019 · How Josef Stalin sent Winston Churchill a birthday card to say sorry for WWII jibe about the quality of Britain's tanks Wartime relationship between Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin

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“The Joseph Stalin tank that we encountered in 1944 was at least equal to the Tiger. It was significantly better in terms of shape (like the T-34),” wrote German tank ace Otto Carius in his ...

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Joseph Stalin (1878–1953) was the leader of the Soviet Union during and after World War II. Stalin came to power through being a member of the Communist Party, and by 1929 was the undisputed leader of the whole country. During the 1930s, he made the country stronger but at the cost of millions of lives.

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Joseph Stalin - Joseph Stalin - Role in World War II: During World War II Stalin emerged, after an unpromising start, as the most successful of the supreme leaders thrown up by the belligerent nations. In August 1939, after first attempting to form an anti-Hitler alliance with the Western powers, he concluded a pact with Hitler, which encouraged the German dictator to attack Poland and begin ...

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Dec 15, 2017 · In comparison IS-2 vs Tiger II, also known as King Tiger or Royal Tiger, we dive into their characteristics and performance to determine which one was the best Heavy tank

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May 09, 2015 · IS-2 Joseph Stalin Tank. Posted on May 9, 2015 by atcDave. The Eastern Front of World War II saw a constant spiral of increasing tank sizes, gun sizes and armor thickness. The largest allied tank to actually see widespread service during the war years, the IS-2 was built to be a Tiger killer.

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Oct 24, 2019 · The Stalin tank IS 2 retained the rear turret machine-gun that had characterized Russian heavy tanks throughout WW2. IS 2 heavy tank supports infantry attack. These Iosef Stalin IS 2 of the 85th Heavy Tank Regiment, are patrolling a rubble-street in Berlin. IS 2 tanks in Berlin, 1945.

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An extremely powerful metal forged by Joseph Stalin. It is created by melting communite and cykinium. It was used as armour for Russian planes and tanks during ww2. Due to the toughness of the metal, many German troops were infuriated by the armour as all tank and …

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Stalin 1928-1933 - Industrialization and Rearmament . In November 1927, Joseph Stalin launched his "revolution from above" by setting two extraordinary goals for Soviet domestic policy: rapid ...